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Everything made before December 2011 can be found at [livejournal.com profile] galacticmoxy and will not be re-posted to Dreamwidth. If you're looking for something I've done and it's not here, it's probably there. Sorry.

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Fandom: Avengers movie-verse
Title: Hear the bells ringing, they're singing that we should never do this ever again
Characters/Pairings: Clint/Coulson and everyone else
Warnings: I don't actually know anything about ducks.
Notes: For this prompt at the Clint/Coulson feels meme.

Read on AO3

Summary: The Avengers try having an Easter egg hunt. Coulson ends up dealing with the aftermath, as usual.

Late night ficcing ahead. )
Fandom: DC Comics, dystopian/end-of-the-world AU
Title: Simple Gifts
Characters: Cass Cain/Kon

Notes: Toast said she had an exam, but that she just wanted to read fic. I promised her that if she stopped procrastinating, she could poke me after her exam for some giftfic. Takes place in the same 'verse as this ficlet that she wrote.

Summary: Birthdays are important, even after the world ends. Maybe even doubly so. But gifts are hard to come by when the everything's gone to hell, so all Cass has are words.

Cass has never owned many things. )

A note about download links

  • Jan. 22nd, 2012 at 3:38 PM
As of right now, all my mix download links are dead because they were all hosted at Megaupload. I haven't decided yet where I'm going to move all of my mixes, so if you are interested in downloading one, please comment and I will upload it to my dropbox account where you will have 48 hours to download it before I delete it. Unfortunately I just don't have enough space on that account to have multiple mixes. If the 48 hours pass without you downloading the mix, you will need to comment again.

Sorry about this. I'll update the links as soon as I have more time to upload all of my mixes somewhere else.
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Title: The Things We Know We See
Characters: Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Gaila, with mentions of Chekov and Sulu

Notes: A pinch hit fic for [livejournal.com profile] celebros for [livejournal.com profile] happy_trekmas. Somehow this didn't turn out as angsty as I originally intended. It's been a while since I've written anything Star Trek, so I hope everyone is doing what they should the way they should. Title from the song "My Shoes" by Daphne Willis.

Summary: The story of a relationship through three conversations about rumors, assumptions, and finally--the truth.

Of course, captain or not, Kirk has a reputation that stretches beyond their days at the Academy. )
Fandom: Harry Potter/Better Off Ted crossover
Subject: Death Eaters/Veridian Dynamics.

Notes: Made for Hogsmeade Weekend at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite. The challenge was to create a wallpaper that crossing Harry Potter with another fandom. Unfortunately, I didn't place (probably because Better Off Ted isn't very well known). I made two versions of the wallpaper, but only submitted the second one for the contest. Hogsmeade Weekend is over, and Hogwarts Elite's next term starts in January, so I'll start posting all of my entries from past contests over the next few weeks.

(click image for fullsize: 1024x640)

(click image for fullsize: 1024x640)
Fandom: Star Trek AOS au
Subject: [livejournal.com profile] erynwen's [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang fic, Messages in Green
Title: It's All Just Alchemy

Notes: This fic is an exciting, urban fantasy cop au (trust me, it totally works) with an absolutely perfect re-imagining of the characters to fit into the setting. There are so many things about the actual plot that I just love, but I sadly can't tell you what they are without spoiling the story. What I can tell you, is that the world-building is aaaah-mazing and the imagery is spectacular. Plus, there is amazing art from [livejournal.com profile] nix_this. This is our second year in a row of creating art/mix for a story, so I knew from the moment match up emails went out that I would love what she did.

For this mix, I tried to capture the mix of magic/modern and wizard/cop, as well as the natural mix of characters offered up by the cast and the setting, by using a variety of genres. The mix focuses most strongly on the relationship between McCoy and Nero, with some McCoy/Kirk thrown in on the side. I can only hope I did this story some justice. Big thanks go to [livejournal.com profile] heeroluva who helped me out when I was stumped for tracks. She suggested a few, and then suddenly the whole mix came together even though I only used one of her suggestions. Because of this, the mix literally wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for her.

As before, clicking on the song title will allow you to download individual songs, and a download link for the whole schebang is down below at the end of this post.

Messages in Green: story by [livejournal.com profile] erynwen | art by [livejournal.com profile] nix_this

tracklist under cut )


Mix + covers @ megaupload (.zip)

fic - DC Comics: Step One

  • Nov. 12th, 2011 at 6:46 PM
Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Step One
Characters: Stephanie Brown/Spoiler

Notes: Just a quick piece I wrote about Stephanie Brown in her early days, when she was still Spoiler, while at work. Title is from Superchick's "One More": I might get used to giving up / So I am showing up tonight / I am my own enemy / The battle fought within my mind / If I can overcome step one / I can face the 99

Summary: Practice makes perfect, and birds learn to fly by falling out of their parent's nest. Blue birds, robins...and now, Stephanie Brown. First the fall, and then the flight.

Stephanie hits the pavement and only grunts a little. )

mix - DC Comics: Batgirls - We Were Real

  • Nov. 11th, 2011 at 9:38 PM
Fandom: DC Comics
Subject: Batgirls (Babs, Cass, and Steph)
Title: We Were Real

Notes: For this mix I wanted to use only upbeat songs sung by female vocalists. It proved to be a lot harder than I would have thought, which says a lot about my music collection (depressing, downbeat songs sung by men or instrumentals). I also wanted songs with a focus on something other than love. This mix fluctuated from anywhere between 20 to 6 songs, and at one point has "Little Seal Girl" from As Told By Ginger on it. I kid you not.

I wanted to do this mix because I really love all of the Batgirls. All three of them are such wonderful, inspirational figures for me. Each of these three women have their own individual strengths, and they've all helped each other and worked together. And as each of them has moved on from her cowl, they've only continued to grow and become even stronger. These are the sort of women I aspire to be.

tracklist under cut )

Mix + covers @ megaupload (.zip)

Icons: 41 Multifandom

  • Nov. 11th, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Total Icon Count: 41

Better Off Ted - 4
Harry Potter - 4
Make It Or Break It - 10
Once Upon A Time - 12
Pan Am - 11


Icons Here! )

fic: Harry Potter - Ravenclaw

  • Nov. 5th, 2011 at 10:25 PM
Title: Ravenclaw
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/pairing: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter
Warnings: Spoilers if you haven't finished the book or film series.
Summary: As scary as Hogwarts may be for first years, the Sorting Ceremony comes with its own difficulties--especially when your father is notoriously known for his involvement in the last great wizarding war.

Notes: Smaller version originally submitted for a drabble contest over at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite's contest comm. I was given the prompt words "black," "confine," and "purge." I was only required to use two of them, but unintentionally used all three (and accidentally ended up writing something thrice as long as what was allowed). Here is an edited version of the original, longer draft.

He envied the rest of his classmates, crowded nervously around him in a sea of black robes and anxious faces. )
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Subject: [livejournal.com profile] ennyousai's fic, Beneath the Waters, written for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang
Title: Trust to Mend the Broken
Notes: I love retellings of fairy tales, and [livejournal.com profile] ennyousai's was no exception. It's a beautiful love story that stretches from Earth to the far reaches of space. Go check it out, because it is really wonderful. I had such a fun time creating this mix. One line of the story really influenced the style of this mix. See if you can figure out which one it is.

Additionally [livejournal.com profile] alaria, who created beautiful artwork for the story created some gorgeous cover art based off of her equally beautiful banner, ensuring visual continuity and prettiness. Remember to go and drool over her beautiful art.

I also created my own covers, which you can find at the end of this post. All cover art is included in the download link. Click the song titles for individual download links.


Beneath the Waters: story (link TBA) by [livejournal.com profile] ennyousai | art by [livejournal.com profile] alaria

tracklist + bonus cover art under cut )


Mix + covers @ megaupload (.zip)

Fandom: Halloween
Subject: Music for Fighting the Undead
Title: Smells Like ZOMBIE Spirit: A Halloween Mix for Screaming, Running, Fighting, & Everything in Between
Warnings: I used this mix as an excuse to use a terrible font. Apologies. Excessive use of Queen music.

tracklist under cut )

Mix + covers @ megaupload (.zip)

mood theme: Toy Story's Woody

  • Oct. 10th, 2011 at 9:49 PM
This is the first mood theme I've ever (successfully) made! It's for my favorite character from one of my favorite movies. Hopefully I'll be able to get off my butt soon and find some caps for Toy Story 3 so I can re-do it so it's more complete. Enjoy!

  • Mood theme featuring images of Cowboy Woody from Toy Story 1 and 2 (sorry, I don't have caps for 3 yet)
  • 132 images--that's one for every mood with no repeats!!
  • File includes all 132 images + admin console
  • Please comment and credit if using

Mix Catch-all Post

  • Oct. 10th, 2011 at 5:05 PM
These are all of the mixes I've made up until today. All of the links will take you back to my personal LJ, where you can find the album art, track list, and download links. From now on, all mixes will be posted at [livejournal.com profile] galacticmoxy, so if you aren't interested in reading about my cats, you don't have to worry about friending my personal LJ. But if you are interested in my cats, feel free to friend away.

Please let me know of any broken download links.

If any of the download links do not work, please let me know and I will reupload the mix in question as soon as possible.

(Listed alphabetically by both fandom and title)

DC Comics: Stephanie Brown - It All Went Eggplant-Shaped

Doctor Who: Rory Williams/Amy Pond - Legs to Walk Me Back to You
Doctor Who: Donna Noble - She Who Can Sail No More
Doctor Who: scifibigbang Martha/Ninth Doctor - If Next Time Is This Time, Then This Time We'll Get It Right

Harry Potter: Ron/Hermione - Always the Tone of Surprise (But Only for You)
Harry Potter: Severus Snape/Lily Evans - Never a Coward

Star Trek AOS: Kirk/McCoy - Bones Under My Skin
Star Trek AOS: If We Lived and Were Good, dystopian AU fic by [livejournal.com profile] _samalander - whole schebang / part one / part two
Star Trek AOS: startrekbigbang '10 - Measure of a Man
Star Trek AOS: startrekbigbang '10 Kirk/Rand - If Wishes Were Horses
Star Trek AOS: trekreversebang/Uhura - Quintessence
Star Trek AOS: Gaila - That Green Girl
Star Trek AOS: Sulu/Chekov - They Call it "Meet Cute"
Star Trek AOS: startrekbigbang '10 - What Our Lives Again Could Be

Star Trek AOS AU RP: startrek_diary mirror!HSAU DG/SL - Cracked Soul, Bloody Smile
Star Trek AOS AU RP: startrek_diary - Let's Do, Love
Star Trek AOS AU RP: startrek_diary HSAU - Rocketship Underoos, & Apparently the Aliens Desire Trousers
Star Trek AOS AU RP: startrek_diary HSAU - The Sex Will Have To Wait

Star Trek DS9/VOY: classictrekbb '11 - Love in a Time of Tribbles

Star Trek TNG/VOY: classictrekbb '11 #3 - Bring on Ever After

Star Trek Voyager: classictrekbb '11 #2 - In the Mersey so Free

fic: BBC Sherlock - What He Missed

  • Oct. 10th, 2011 at 4:56 PM
Title: What He Missed
Fandom: BBC's Sherlock/Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor)
Characters/pairing: Implied John/Sherlock, one-sided John/Eleventh Doctor
Warnings: No beta and not Brit-picked because this was just a quick thing to keep me entertained at work. Apologies for any errors.
Summary: An old friend comes to visit John, but the good doctor has to decline his generous offer.

Notes: For this prompt at [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc_fic: Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover: Either Sherlock and Watson on the trail of the Master (and getting taunted every step of the way, of course), or Sherlock having to work with Eleven, or Watson being Eleven's companion. Or all of them, at once. TAKE YOUR PICK. I don't care what other details you throw in, so long as it turns out to be epically awesome. Possibly a bit angsty-er than the original prompter wanted. Feel free to point out any mistakes, since this was so hastily done.

Sherlock is bored. )
Title: Few of Them Remember
Fandom: BBC's Sherlock/Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's Le Petit Prince
Characters/pairing: Sherlock Holmes/The Little Prince (as in Sherlock Holmes is the Little Prince, not Sherlock in a relationship with), John Watson, light S/J
Warnings: Familiarity with The Little Prince/Le Petit Prince helpful, as it probably won't make sense otherwise. Full text can be found here and the original French (which I highly recommend reading it in, if you're able) is here. It's very short, my book is less than 90 pages, and it's one of my favorite stories that I've ever read so GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.
Summary: Sometimes, Sherlock dreams. Of a rose. Of a desert. Of being tamed like he once tamed his fox.

Notes: For a prompt at [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc_fic: tl;dr Sherlock is The Little Prince, all growed up.

Then if a child comes to you, if he laughs, if he has golden hair, if he doesn't answer your questions, you'll know who he is. )
Title: Kryptonian Cooking Lessons
Fandom: Young Justice (tv)
Characters: Kon Superboy and Miss Martian, friendship fic!
Summary: After spending the last week bonding over old television programs with Superboy, M'Gann discovers that while other people's emotions and motivations are quite simple to understand and forgive, Earth cooking is not.
Notes: Unbeta'd, apologies for abrupt tense changes and any general mistakes. Like several others, I am very disturbed by the fact that the only girl on the team (so far) has been relegated to scapegoat/cookie maker. Especially since Megan is so kick ass. This is my attempt to explain why she was the one burning cookies in episode three, and why Superboy's extraordinarily plain (and quite lacking) apology was able to make things okay so quickly.

With thanks to [livejournal.com profile] theoreticalpixy for amusing me with talk of cookie dough and teleporting.

This is what humans do. )

fic: Star Trek AOS - Perceptions Q-liding

  • Oct. 10th, 2011 at 4:39 PM
Title: Perceptions Q-liding (Perceptions Colliding)
Fandom: Star Trek AOS, with a some TNG and TOS (although familiarity with them is not required for understanding the story)
Characters/pairing: Uhura2, Q, blink-and-you'll-miss-it K/S
Warnings: Parallel universes, Q
Summary: After being imprisoned on the latest planet the USS Enterprise visits, Nyota Uhura is liberated from her jail cell by an enigmatic man. Freedom isn't quite what she anticipated however, when she finds herself on a strangely similar planet with a curiously familiar woman.

Notes: The biggest thanks go out to [livejournal.com profile] meteorfire who was able to step up to the plate and beta my fic at the absolute last minute. Without her, this fic would not have been posted on time. [livejournal.com profile] heeroluva also gets mad props for being so insistent about helping me find one when I was ready to give up, as well as for cheering me on and providing me with wonderful conversation. I also need to thank [livejournal.com profile] grimy13 for making sure that this story would be readable and understandable for anyone who wasn't familiar with TOS, TNG, and Q.

Much love goes to both [livejournal.com profile] _samalander and [livejournal.com profile] theoreticalpixy for helping me to cull the story down in its earliest form so that it would be write-able in the amount of time I had, as well as for their continued love and support. Additionally, to the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] a_space_child who unwittingly helped me by spending the last few days talking about how badass Uhura is.

Uhura woke with a start... )
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